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"Games are the greatest expression of the abstract functions of consciousness. Consider the lowly game of chess: nothing more than a set of shaped objects scattered upon a painted slab. Yet the arbitrary agreement of two intellects enchants these physical objects with abilities, value, rules of behavior, and ultimate purpose. This is to me the most powerful and amazing capacity of the mind."
- Jennifer Diane Reitz 

Strange Powers the Superhero Puzzle Game

Originally a computer game proposal, this universal superhero game has been redesigned as a simple and fun puzzle-battle board game that you can download, print out, and play!

Unicorn Jelly

Gryrnese Chess, a unique game which comes to us from the alien universe of Tryslmaistan, the cosmos depicted in the saga of UNICORN JELLY.

Strange Powers the Superhero Puzzle Game

Based on Hasbro's magnificent miniatures game Heroscape, I have created some unique custom figure cards based on my own collected miniatures, and I have provided some tools for making your own figure cards for the game too. Not to mention some rules expansions!


Strange Powers the Superhero Puzzle Game

Unreal Tournament 2003 Maps
Unusual maps greated for the popular FPS game
OFFLINE due to technical reasons

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