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The Jennese Tarot            

It is an excellent experience for any artist to
 create their own, unique, personal Tarot deck.

It needs no acknowledgement of anything mystical whatsoever, the true value of the
Tarot is not in telling fortunes but in iconifying emotional and psychological symbology.
One reads into such cards not the future, but instead the depths of ones own mind.
This was the original purpose of the Tarot, actually: self discovery.

Such discovery can be done with any Tarot deck, but how much more interesting, and
revealing, to make use of one made by oneself? And in sharing such decks, one can
perhaps see not only into oneself, but into the author of the deck as well. Tarot is a form
of diary, too, a personal account, or at least, it can be.  In any event, it is nevertheless art.

The Jennese Tarot was begun somewhen around the year 1983, and was added to over
several years as new personal experiences demanded new cards to represent the learning
gained from them. At some point it seemed enough.

During the time it was created, I was experimenting and studying mysticism and the occult.
While I believe nothing absolutely, and have no love of faith or religion, I nevertheless
experienced many intriguing things, and learned many interesting insubstantialities.
Some of what I gained from those days can be found in these cards.

In following with the spirit of such matters, the cards are presented with illuminating text to
explain them, written in properly obfuscatory language. As Aleister Crowley once said
"It's no use teaching those that need to be taught"; however, I think Sandra Woodruff put
it best in stating that "All truths are grey in the dark".

Here then is my own personal Tarot creation, The Jennese Tarot:

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