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Equestria is an emerging pocket sub-cosmos located off the western coast of the Americas.
Its magical energies are fatal to humans, and human nature is fatal to both Equestria and the earth as a whole.
 In the seven years available, the only solution is the total ponification, by any means, of the entire human species.

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These stories, and more, first appeared on, written under the pen-name 'Chatoyance'. There they can be found in their entirety, including works not represented here. Go HERE to find the complete collection of over 700,000 words worth!


The Big

Set in the Conversion Bureau universe, two young men face the inevitable totality of the expansion of Equestria into our world, and in the decision of one to choose transformation, both must come to an understanding about what is truly important about the meaning of self.




5,466 words
Audio Drama Available



In the Lancing, Michigan Conversion Bureau, a young woman prepares for Conversion with her three roommates. But there is something more profound about herself that she desired to be transformed than merely her physical form.




16,156 words



A Newfoal Earth-Pony Stallion writes letters from Equestria to tell his still-human best friend about his education, his new life in Equestria, and how Equestrians live, love, play, and work.





12,639 words


Down On The

Set after Zero Point, during the years after the last human is gone, Newfoal 'Teacup' faces the fact that however much she tries to fit in, the fact of once having been human must always set her apart.





38,053 words


27 Ounces:
A Story of
Eight And
One Half

27 Ounces: is the story of the lives affected by a single Erlenmeyer flask of Conversion Bureau Ponification Serum. Each chapter explores some aspect of humanity lost or kept, and the impact of a reality where changing species is the most important matter ever presented to Mankind.




77,168 words


A temporary archive of all the rest of my Conversion Bureau stories is available here, on this website.
This archive lacks virtually all of the graphical enhancements of the stories above, and exist as unadorned text against a white background.
You can jump to them by following this link:

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