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Urban Gorillas is contemporary novel of ruthlessly black comedy, deep friendship, political satire, and the reality of being impoverished and homeless within the most powerful and wealthy nation in the history of mankind. Brought to vibrant life by my lifepartner Sandra, the story is based on true events and real experiences. Those experiences are my own, I lived them. - JDR, 2003

Sidewalk Of Contents

Chapter 1 - Down in the Dumpster

Chapter 2 - A Street Named Home

Chapter 3 - Street Justice

Chapter 4 - Soul Man

Chapter 5- Dumpster Diner

Chapter 6 -Stargazing

Chapter 7 - The Joy of Motherhood

Chapter 8 - Dead Ants

Chapter 9 - All He Can Be

Chapter 10 -Deto de Dios

Chapter 11 - Tattered Crusaders

Chapter 12 - Peen Machine

Chapter 13 - Tour from Hell

Chapter 14 - Office Assault

Chapter 15 - Floor Fight

Chapter 16 - Press Conference

Chapter 17 - Necktie Party

Chapter 18 - On the Run

Chapter 19- Home Again


Todd Carruthers all over!



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