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Stop looking at it! Nothing to see here!


This is just a doodle, done to test the usefulness of Alias Sketchbook Pro.
I like the program, it makes coloring sketches easy. This was done with a
mouse, prior to getting a PC tablet.

A little sketch               


This is another examination of the use of the Alias Sketchbook tool. Another
Mouse drawing, prior to the PC Tablet. 2004


This is the first drawing I ever did with a PC tablet and pen, a Wacom
Intuos 2, using the Alias Sketchbook Pro program. This was basically a
test of both products, as well as the start of my learning curve with both.

This is a comic feasibility test using the Intuos tablet and
Sketchbook Pro, to see if I could successfully use these tools
to make decent comics. The lettering was done in Paintshop Pro,
also a test to see if seperate lettering would work for me. In Dpaint,
every tool needed is always available, but to do this level of art,
it is clear that I must use more than one program for art and
text both. 

This is the result of being playful with the features of Alias Sketchbook Pro.
After finishing this doodle, I had not the heart to just delete it, so I saved it
and added text in Paintshop Pro.

This was done in Alias Sketchbook, using a mouse, prior to getting the
PC tablet. It was a sketch for a possible poster to advertise Pastel
Defender Heliotrope, but I felt it was very poor, and took it down quickly
from the index page. It is here only for reference, someday it may be good
for a laugh at myself.


Clearly, I have been enjoying reading H.P. Lovecraft a great deal; this is my
own, original creature done in the spirit of Lovecraft's work. It is intended to be
a kind of 'terraforming beast' a biological machine built by the Elder Gods
to transform a planet into what they would consider a more desirable envronment.
The Mykh-Horraga does this by spreading spores that devour local matter and
transform it into insane alien and ecosystems filled with incomprehensible life
forms and dangerous plantlike structures.


  These are just some doodles. Cute creatures for the fun of it.

And this is just a photograph of my family and I.
I am at the top, in a medieval plumed hat Elde got me, and directly below me is Eldenath in one of her Renn-Faire garbs, to the left is Sandi in the pink top, and to the right is Stephen in the blue shirt.

     This is my colorized and processed version of the first ESA Huygens probe image of the liquid methane beachfront on Titan.


My Ideal Body

And this is something I did for Sandra for her radio station KCFL

This is Toobz McKraken, Interstellar Radio Engineer.
I did a bunch of cartoons for the Society Of Broadcast Engineers,
Toobz was my main character in the cartoons. I love Toobz.
Someday, I am going to do something with this character!

On my forums, there is a tradition of using a 'Thunk!' graphic
to represent great surprize. I never had one. Until now.

Poor KayWai....

I am always trying new styles to see if they work, or if I can do them at all.
This is a little different. This is a self-portrait, with me in my gold Chinese dress,
the Rotobird is from my never-to-be-finished, lost game Kokoro Wish.

These are the Faerni, a species I invented in high school, and later featured in a briefly run comic strip in
my college newspaper in San Francisco. I love the Faerni dearly, and someday hope to do something with

I am already thinking about what to do after I finish Pastel Defender Heliotrope. There is a really great
story to finish with my other Kamishibai story, and this is a prototype for the art style...


CURSOR from Pastel defender Heliotrope, as made by one of my spouses, Eldenath DeVilya. Here in ScannerMation is an animated version, and using StereoScannerGramic techniques is a cross-your-eyes 3D version of the CURSOR puppet.

Just a brush test for a new style.


I did this just before the pictures came out.

A bit of whimsey for my forum...

My Spiritualist grandmother, Emma Geddis.

This is where I am now, with my art, in July, 2005

This is, in my opinion, so far (Aug 16th 2005) the best photograph ever taken of me. I look like me, to me, in this picture. By that, I mean I see my personality in this picture. And I don't look completely ugly. Just sort of ugly.

Based on the above, a avatar of myself drawn after the style of Dan Shive from El Goonish Shive.


  I think we may be assuming too much.

I went to Eldenath's RenFaire. This is my garb.

I did this little sketch of my Aeala body while giving Eldenath an art lesson!

And once again, my ever beloved Perfect Body.


I decided to do a picture of the Perfect Body of one of my faithful readers....this is a gift sketch of Alfador of Alfador's Den


  Me, in 1982, just 30 days before my SRS

3.5meg recording of me reading my little anecdote about Projectile diarrhea. Mp3 format.



Here is the Minecraft Graphics Pack to download: DEMICHINA 1.23 MB .ZIP file

This is from my Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art exhibit 


















These are for my writing friend Midnight, for one of his stories.




These are for another clever storyteller, Krass McWriter





These are for my writing friend Midnight, for another of his stories.


This is a story title picture for Windchaser.


This is a story title picture for Cloudhammer.

This is a story title picture for Fullmetal Pony.

I decided to take pictures of my new hair; it's peach colored like Caprice, a character of mine.
It also has a little heliotrope stripe.
I adore it, this was the first time I have ever dyed my hair in my entire life.


The Big Respawn







For Elde, artwork for her TCB story  














Code Majeste Fanart by Balthasar999














Comic By Balthazar999






 I tried my hand at fruit carving - this is the result, a watermelon flower basket with melon eggs inside. 9/12/2012






   40,000 year old furry sculpture made of mammoth ivory.

















The irrepressible Legacy












Illustration by MadHotaru for Russian translation of 'Grumpy Grognard and the Painting Pegasus' from 'The Poly Little Pony'






Aedina's character sheet, for her story.












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